To maximize the performance of your game, I find it of paramount performance to implement a routine of Fitness, Flexibility and Strengthening into your all around golf game. This is a game played over a lifetime. Without the appropriate strengthening and Conditioning many players suffer injury and are limited in exposing their true power. Today we teach a swing and conditioning routine that keeps the body strong and long lasting in its efforts.

Below is a layout of exercises and stretch routines to keep the body fluid and powerful. We want to focus on conditioning the core. A strong core (abdominals, hip, glutes. Lats ) will help you maintain good form and efficiency as you fatigue. 


A lack of flexibility through the hips (hamstring, hip flexors, gluteus muscles) can contribute to low back pain, therefore it is important to work on this if you are experiencing back pain.

 Please make sure all stretches are “pain free”. If you feel discomfort, you may not be ready to do that specific stretch – JJ

Here are 12 easy examples to help stretch your body before and after your round – JJ 

Core training

Below are 8 examples ( use pictures that match the exercises below ) in Core training I recommend for the body. My Golf Fitness Instructor ( Angelo Palumbo ) and I traditionally work off these 8. There are close to 20 fitness drills overall we may apply, however these 8 have been very beneficial in strengthening the Body for Golf.

Below is an Intermediate set routine. It can be adjusted per your comfort zone. Start off slow and build yourself up in Maximizing your Strength and Conditioning – JJ

Beginner - 2 Sets

Intermediate - 4 Sets

Advanced - 6 Sets

1)    Rower - 4 Sets of a 250 meter Row

2) Slam Ball - 4 Sets of 10 (20/30/40 p)

3) Resistant Cords – 4 Sets of 10 - Forward Press each Side (Left and Right Leg).

4)    Resistant Cords – 4 Sets of 10 Squat and Pull.

5)    TRX cords – 4 Sets of 10 Squat & Jumps.

6)    Light Strengthening Ropes – 4 Sets of 30 up and down method. 

7)    Heavy Strengthening Ropes – 4 Sets of 20 Big Loop Method.

8)    Medicine ball Toss – 4 Sets of 20 tosses. 

2 new drills pieced together 12-1-2013 James Jordan Golf

Students & Friends, 

    Outside of specifics on the practice tee we work on (in fixing early extension, posture, using the ground as leverage creating explosive stretch through the impact position)

   I wanted to demonstrate some visual fitness activities you can implement into your routine to better these areas. You can also purchase resistance cords and use outdoor poles, trees, indoor fixtures and be creative in getting yourself acclimated in a golf fitness routine. 

Displayed below are some Resistance training  workout routines to keep the body fluid. Make these specific drills a weekly routine to fine tune those areas in mobility you may lack.  

Squat & Jump / Core Connection Drills. 



If you are in the Los Angeles County and looking to further your Fitness, Please Contact Mr. Angelo Palumbo. Angelo is a Licensed Fitness Coach, Core trainer who also runs Boot Camp classes building endurance and strength. He runs private sessions and Joint Classes. You will not find a better trainer in Southern California when it comes to the strengthening of the Body and Core. – JJ 

For Fitness, Boot Camp or Golf Resistant / Core training please contact:

Angelo Palumbo - Certified Trainer

PHONE: (818) 807-9774