James Jordan (Born 1980, Woodland Hills, California) is an American golf instructor, who illustrates his teaching methods through Video Swing Analysis, Short Game Mechanics, Feel, Fitness/Nutrition, and the Mental Approach. A competitive player / student  of the game for over 3 decades, James naturally gravitated towards instructing other golfers, finding his love of the game enhanced by coaching other enthusiasts like himself.

            "I can remember playing in the United States Open Qualifier and rather than focusing on making the cut, I was more intrigued to work with others on the range and in their own game, (Jordan)."


 In addition to his golf studies and lengthy experience, James is a regular golf fitness student to Southern California fitness instructor, Angelo Palumbo. Together, they train and study the human body and how it correlates with the golf swing.

            "When I began the fitness process with Angelo, I soon realized that the persistence of resistance training was paramount for power and endurance in a player’s golf game, (Jordan).”

James' background and coaching also includes a great emphasis on the mental approach; with teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joseph Parent, Coach John Wooden, and Dr. Valiante, he finds it of paramount importance for his students to implement goals, and harness awareness and visualization into their daily routine.

"Throughout the last few years, I've taken measurement of the mental approach with my players. Ones who put ideas and suggestion into practical application have witnessed positive results. It is evident that those athletes who mentally plan and spiritually condition their minds are rewarded with victory, regardless of the outcome, (Jordan).”

 James Jordan currently instructs at the Woodley Lakes Golf Course in Van Nuys, Ca. He works with an array of players which include Beginners, Intermediate Golfers, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, U.S. Kids, Juniors,  AJGA, High School, D1-D3 Collegiate and Touring (PGA / LPGA) Professional Players. Known for his well versed dedication surrounding instruction of the swing, he's looked upon as a true development "Coach" for all levels of the game. Making you smarter, better and outlining a long term plan is his Coaching Philosophy.  

He uses the most advanced sport analysis software on the market today, including V1PRO and UBERSENSE. His lessons include a combination of Video Analysis, Feel, Short Game Mechanics, Fitness/Nutrition, and the Mental Approach.

"We teach, we show, we demonstrate and then... We I.N.S.P.I.R.E." - JJ

What others are saying...


"Thank you James for working so patiently with us and introducing us to the basics of Golf. We truly enjoyed your help golfing on season 4 of our show!".

 Joyce & Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

"Thank you James! As much as Michelle's father and I have taught her, you have built some mental confidence in her as she starts her AJGA Golf journey. We appreciate you and what you've taught Michelle swing wise and mentally".

Mischa Jung
"I was lucky enough to meet James the day he shot a course record "61" at the Encino golf course. He had another friend he was helping that day, and was answering most my questions about the short game. He chipped in twice and seemed like he couldn't miss a putt, so it was only right I bugged him! He really knows a great deal about the game".

Charles Kim

"It's always a good decision to see James before one of our Laker tournaments. He relates the tempo and feel of the golf swing "Like Shooting A Free Throw" Nice and Smooth. Thanks for your help J".

 Elgin Baylor - Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer

"After winning the putting contest at our charity event, James gave a few pointers out to some of us on the practice green. The tips were very helpful and he sure is a passionate young man!"

 Bob Miller - Los Angeles Kings Announcer

"It's been more than an improvement in swing and fundamentals with James. Since we met (2011) he's inspired me to set goals, visualize and enjoy the game of Golf. I'm learning to grow emotionally, technically and mentally more by the work I've done with him than any other"

 Aaron Lee - Collegiate Golfer


"When I came to James, I was trying to teach myself "stack and tilt" and self diagnose. I found that many of my fundamentals and self diagnostics were hurting my swing and golf performance. One day at the range, James noticed the challenges and offered to assist in bettering my swing. The changes that night were immediately effective and we began the process of a weekly meeting in bettering my swing. He has immensely improved my swing and thought process along the way"

 Angelo Palumbo - Licensed Fitness Instructor


"On the professional level, visualization and belief is just as important as swing fundamentals. James has been a supporting and passionate light in my life, when it comes to the mental aspect of the golf game".

 Justin Itzen - WEB.COM Canadian PGA Tour Professional.

"James Has inspired many players of all levels (including myself) to work hard at improving their game. Teaching young and old, neophytes and seniors how to play the game of golf with a zeal and circumspection few purely golf teachers dare to parse. James' approach blends the refined methods of physical strength, fitness, rigid but sensible diet and the power of inner focus to achieve the "way of the Tiger," referencing Wood's brilliance on the course. "After all his [Tiger's] achievements never were taken lightly or casually assumed to be a given. To get to the top, you need to think like a champion," Jordan offers. He matches his reflection with measured optimism philosophically."

 Dr. Jimmy Jordan 



"I've met James A few times at my charity clinics. People seem to be just as fascinated with his teachings as they are with me hitting the long ball".

 Vincent Ciurluini - Long Drive Champion & T.V. Personality.
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