James Jordan James Jordan (Golf Digest Best in State: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Top Ranked Coach / Instructor Ranked #19 in California)

Currently, Instructs / Coaches / Develops / Hosts Clinics at Lake Lindero Golf Course in Agoura, Ca.  He works with an array of players which include: Top Ranked Juniors, High School, D1-D3 Collegiate, Amateur & Touring (PGA / LPGA) Professional Players. In addition, he still offers lessons (with an immense passion to grow the game) for Beginners, Intermediate Golfers, Celebrities, and many Professional Athletes. Known for his well-versed dedication surrounding instruction of the swing, he's looked upon as a true development "Coach" for all levels of the game. Making you smarter, while outlining a long-term plan is his Coaching Philosophy.

           There's no greater feeling to me, than witnessing a Golfer seeing success in their game - JJ 

James uses the most advanced sport analysis software on the market today. His lessons include Video Analysis, Feel, Short Game Mechanics, Fitness / Nutrition suggestion and the Mental Approach to your on course performance. Using the V1PRO and UBERSENSE, he will coach you through the process of replacing improper swing components with correct ones. This is a valuable process to help quantify your swing transformation. Once viewed, you can then begin the “FEEL” process and practice drills that will assist in developing your swing and total game. 

First time lessons begin with understanding your swing/playing concerns and your purpose in bettering your game. Whether it’s to become more consistent in swing, short game, the mental approach and or golf fitness, he will assess and address all concerns.

The general lesson (1 HOUR) is arranged as:

Traditional Lesson (Ages 18 and Up)

NOTE: The One Hour Lesson Can Be Spent On One Specific Area. Here is the General Format. 

-       1 Hour Private Lesson ($400.00) Includes (Complete hour can be spent on one specific area) 

-       Swing Analysis (30 minutes) “Before” & “After” Notes / Video Analysis Emailed to Students.

-       Short Game Mechanics & Feel (15 minutes)

-       Putting & Green Reading (10 Minutes)

-       The Mental Approach (5 minutes)

Post lesson – Client shall receive an text / email of video analysis, drills, short game mechanic instructions and all other continuous golf homework assignments covered in the lesson. Specific notes are taken and talked about throughout the lesson in order to set up a weekly practice plan. PURPOSE IN PREPARATION IS KEY! – JJ

Additional Lessons & Services "Adults"

-       ½ Hour ($250.00) Swing Refinement, Short Game Preparation, and Putting Assessment    

-       2 Hour Lesson (600.00) Save 200.00

-       Series of 4 (1 Hour) Lessons ($1200.00) Save $400.00

-       Series of 10 (1 hour) Lessons BEST DEAL ($3000.00) Save $1000.00.

-       On Course 9 Hole Private Playing Lesson ($500.00) Cart / Cost of Round not included. 

Traditional Junior Lesson  (Ages 4 to 17)

-       Junior Rate – (1 Hour $250.00) Includes (Client can request any specific area to be the point of focus) Basic Fundamentals, Swing, Feel, Video Analysis, Short Game & Putting Instruction. First Lesson Includes "5 Part Practiced Plan" Workshop sheet.

Post lesson – Client shall receive an email of video / text analysis, drills, short game mechanic instructions and all other continuous golf homework assignments that were covered in the lesson. Specific notes are taken and talked about throughout the lesson in order to set up a weekly practice plan. PURPOSE IN PREPARATION IS KEY! – JJ


Additional Lessons & Services "Juniors"

-       ½ Hour ($150.00) Swing Refinement, Short Game Preparation, Putting Assessment, Mental Approach & On Course Management.

-       Series of 4 (1 hour) Junior Lessons ($800.00) Save $200.00

-       On Course 9 Hole  Playing Lesson ($400.00) Cart / Cost of Round not included. 

Note: All Lessons Include Free Range Balls & Emailed / Text Notes / Video Analysis Photos.

 Introductory Lesson

 – Never played the game before? Never hit a ball? Need to rent clubs? No Problem.

-       Clubs available with no additional cost for a first time lesson. All ages from 4 and up, will be provided with irons/driver to hit and short game (wedge & putter) clubs to practice with during the lesson.

-       60 Minute Lesson ($300.00 all ages) Includes Clubs, Balls and Introductory notes post lesson. 

-       The Introductory lesson focuses on - Basic Fundamentals, Swing Mechanics, Short Game and Putting Instruction. Any questions after toward purchasing clubs, getting fitted or how / what to practice will be addressed. A great way to see if this game is for you! 


Online Lesson Plan (300.00 all ages)

- Whether it's Swing, Short Game, Putting, Mental Work, and or any Workout / Nutritional portion you feel challenged with... This is the easiest way from a National / Global stand point, to work with me. 

Process: What I request is 1 face on, 1 down the line video (9 Iron / Driver) emailed videos to jfjpga@gmail.com. Please provide 2-3 challenges and concerns. If you see a commonality (thin, fat, left, right etc) state those specifics, and any other concerns (short game, types of shots, types of lies etc.) and I will prepare a detailed plan for you. This is a laid out practice plan in full detail. A blueprint on not just "WHAT," but "HOW" to motor train your brain and body successful change. The duration is generally 14-30 day turn around time. NOTE: Venmo payment also an option (Jamesjordangolf) is the payment account. Please record down the line videos 8-10 feet back, waist height on the hand path line. Face on, please record videos waist height with the entire body / arc of swing visible. 5-10 second videos max in standard Iphone / Android recordings preferred. Thank You! 

In Addition (Free) you will be provided:

Coach JJ's - 

- 5 Part Mental Plan 

- 5 Part Putting Plan 

- 5 Part Short Game Plan 

 Let's put purpose in your preparation! - JJ 


1 - on - 1

-      One on One “PRIVATE” Half Day (5 hour) Golf Clinic – $1500.00 (Covers 4 Part Lesson) Video Swing Analysis, Short Game Mechanics, Lunch & The Mental Approach, Playing Lesson With Cart All Included.

-      The One on One (Half Day, All Inclusive) private golf clinic is geared toward bettering a players performance in every aspect of the game. This is a One Day (5 Hour) event that covers top to bottom elements within the game of golf.  

Listed below is the exact format of what takes place throughout the day.


General Time Layout 

10:00 to 3:00
(Note other hours are available based on the summer/winter schedule example: 9:00 to 2:00, 11:00 to 4:00, 12:00 to 5:00 E.T.C.)

10:00 to 11:00
Swing and Video Analysis

11:00 to 12:00
Short Game Mechanics (Putting & Chipping)

12:00 to 1:00
The Mental Approach (Goal Setting with Lunch Included)

1:00 to 3:00
9 Hole Playing Lesson (Round and Cart included)

 Post lesson – Client shall receive an email / text of video analysis, short game mechanic instructions and all other continuous golf homework assignments that were covered in the daily clinic. It is geared for the student/player to have a monthly reminder in what to work on in their practice sessions. PURPOSE IN PREPARATION IS KEY! – JJ

NOTE: Please book half day clinics 30 days in advance. Thank you. 


NOTE: James utilizes additional swing and feel aids (Impact Bag, Medicus, Mometus Swing Aid, Orange Whip Stick, Rotary RST Aid, Putting Alignment Mirror and Alignment Practice Sticks) so while identifying flaws and areas of improvement, one can work with additional aids in feeling or aligning those correct positions.




Coach James Jordan books / schedules out within 14-30 days in advanceOnce payment is made and confirmed, Lesson 1 will be scheduled within that time frame (at times earlier based on immediate availability.)


Cancellations / Rescheduling: Your appointment / lesson is very important to James Jordan. He does understand schedule adjustments are necessary. Please understand that any appointment missed without 24 hours notice, results in a cost of 100.00 (per hour, i.e. example if 3 hours were scheduled the total due would amount to 300.00.) 

Single Lesson Purchases: Single lesson purchases, are to be used within the first 60 days (2 months) of the purchase date. 

Package of 4: 4 Series lesson Packages, are to be used within 120 days (4 months) of the original purchase date. 

Package of 10: 10 Series Lesson Packages, are to be used within 180 days (6 Months) of the original purchase date. 

Any refund per package discount, will not be refunded at the discounted rate. It would return to the original PER HOUR rate, and then be refunded per that rate. 

The goal is to stay on track, and schedule effectively so that the progress and goals of Coach to Player can be met! Let's get to work! - Coach James Jordan. 






Lessons can vary and be focused on other specific areas per your choice. Above is a general breakdown of a 1 hour lesson for traditional first come students. In order for a student to see success, it is highly suggested that he continue his growth and be instructed 1-2 times weekly. I encourage you to work daily/weekly on the goals and drills I have suggested to better your performance. Should you have specific areas that are more challenging than others, please bring them to my attention as we will focus on bettering those concerns. The transformation of swing and feel is a process which must be worked on. 

"We teach, we show, we demonstrate and then... We I.N.S.P.I.R.E." – JJ

Instruction Hours  –        

Mon - Fri 10 to 7 • Sat / Sun: 11 to 6 PST​.
(Please provide me one week in advance, if necessary to book your day & time.) 

Lake Lindero Golf Course 
Agoura, CA 2023 Newly Renovated! 

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