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 The Plan, is the first of many downloadable (printable copy) books, from Professional Golfer & Coach James Jordan. For over a decade, James continues to work and develop some of the brightest stars in junior, high school and collegiate golf. “Illuminating athletes physically, and in personality,” states Coach Jordan.

 His book, “The Plan” is a different spin on the usual swing, short game, rules & golf story books. It’s a simplistic “inside the journey” tasking book, on how current juniors, amateurs, adults and professionals can make better use of their practice time. It sites specific tasks and tools, he uses with the best players in his stable. 

     It shares the authenticity of what many witness in his day to day journey, with all of his players. He’s been sought out by so many for swing builds (including mine, as I couldn’t be happier in our relationship) yet once you become his “student” he really coaches you the GAME. He’s mentioned to me, that freeing up these tasks and tools to the masses, only seemed right. 

So I asked him... 

“Why this book first JJ?” 

    “The countless parents, coaches and golfers that message me, (on how to round out their students and personal games) lit a fire in my soul. As coaches, we can’t help everyone from afar. Swing builds, are custom to each and every individual. A players putting method, is unique to their feel / vision. At times, the same could be said about a players way in their short game fundamentals. And finally, some play the game with a hawkish approach as others tread in a supple manner.”  ~ JJ 

“So JJ, what is “The Plan” and how would you summarize it in a short paragraph?” 

   “Its a preparation manual, for all ages to develop their total game. Coaches, Parents, Juniors & Individuals alike. This is “YOUR PLAN.”  ~ James Jordan 


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What others are saying

“I never knew how to build my swing, until JJ and I locked in a long term plan. Learning how to train the changes in swing, have been a success. Yet, I had no clue on how to work at different parts of the game. Sure I would hit chips, putts and if lucky.. I’d play in the sand once a year! Once JJ discovered my lack luster direction in those areas of the game, he would write me plans. That specifically, has given me a routine around the greens on my practice days. So glad he’s sharing these tasks with everyone!
– Dennis Murphy
“Coach James and Eric, have truly developed a great student to coach bond over the years. Since day one, he had him wedge tasking. Shot making. Driver shaping. Eric, loves that kind of work. We’re on a wonderful path in his swing build, yet I love that all 3 of us never lose site creating a competitive tasking environment. In fact, it has me out there with my clubs inspired to beat Eric! Those days will end shortly! Thanks Coach!
– Eric / Ryan Chavez
“It’s been a fun ride, with coach over the years in Jaden’s progress (it sure has been dad.) The swing build, is one of many assets to keeping J’s athletic train on the tracks. However we find the biggest reward, is how developed Jaden’s game progresses through all Coach’s tasks and challenges. This book, is the simplest way to make value of a golfers practice time!”
– Jaden / Chris Soong
“James has turned my entire short game, and putting stats around in just a short time with him. I mostly worked on the same shots, and didn’t play enough practice rounds the right way. His 5 part putting plan, and the way I prepare for tournaments is what’s been most useful. Discussing the book with him prior to the release, I suggested he treat the golf masses with what works for us. Simple tasks. Glad you didn’t overload the book JJ! Just enough.”
– Brad Meyers
I started with James as a sophomore in high school. I generally practiced with the intent of full swings, and didn’t have a complete game plan in order. Mostly, with how I controlled my irons. What I found of most value, was building my swing with flighted shots. With his tasks (in having me shaping shots,) and working range games into my practice. Today, I believe myself to have a better “FEEL” for my swing and game from it. Coach is giving you all the Goodies! Awesome JJ!”
– Ashley Phelps
“We started our 3 left handed children (brand new with coach Jordan) a few years ago, and they couldn’t be happier. The challenges he does along side building their swings, is a blast for them. He always reminds us that having 3 children in golf, allows for them to make each other better over time. So we use the challenges you’ll find in his book, to help develop their competitiveness and focus!”
– Lee, Mateo, Roman & Gemma
“JJ and I, have been together for almost 6 years. In that time, he pushes every part of the game on me possible. We can all lose ourselves in redundant swing practice. But he realigns me constantly to practice with a purpose. To at times, get away from the swing work and lose myself in golf SHOTS. He cares as much about my game as I do. That means everything to me. You’ll love the book everyone. You’re getting all our inside tasks!”
– Noah Mirza
“Some of my favorite moments, are when coach creates challenges (on and off the course) for me to achieve. He’s helped my dad, be a better coach along the way. They love to sit back, and kick my butt with tasks on the range. Get your wedges ready! You guys are in for real a treat.”
– Branden / Ron Wong
“Camilo is a competitive junior golfer, that essentially started swing work with JJ. But it’s turned into creating a golfer out of him, and now ME! We drive aways, to do half day sessions in where he coaches us both. Then from home, compete with each other (in his situational tasking) and we LOVE Wedge Wednesday’s. We’re both playing some of the best golf of our life, and love a good window FLIGHTING task day. You the man JJ!
– Camilo / Sal Desario
“I’ve been inheriting Coach JJ’s tasking plans (especially the mental portion / speed training) the last year, making huge strides in my game and how I manage myself in tournament play. Although he’s based in Los Angeles (I compete out of Atlanta, GA) his plans have been extremely effective for my game this season. Thanks Coach!”
– Kate Song
“As a past player myself on the Hogan, Golden State and Mini tours, having a coach like my son may have taken me to the big stage. We all could plan, the way we practice much more efficiently (especially myself.) Everything in this book screams development. That my friends, is how you GOLF. Where were you when I was 26 Son!”
– James Jordan Sr. (Dad)
“Coach is always testing my game with different types of shots. We mix it up. Spending time getting me comfortable with swing, but then he talks a little trash testing me with different situations. Even stuff my dad and I can challenge each other with when practicing. Super fun, and I know in my competitive journey I’ll be more prepared from it! Enjoy the book everyone!”
– Parker / Chris Schurer