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Can I get fitted even if I don't have a consistent swing yet? I'm really a beginner.

I am a "real" beginner, probably hit just 500 balls on the driving range. I went to my local golf store and asked the same question and the guy said I need to get a consistent swing before they can measure me up. I feel like it's a chicken and an egg situation, how can I get a consistent swing if I don't have the right clubs?

asked Dec 29, 2014 by anonymous

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      I know you posted as Anonymous (No biggie).

                  I'd also say how could you consistenlty do anything without anything?wink lol. It's a bit foolish for anyone not to offer you a standard set to your size. Pretty simple fitting. Since they didn't (shame on them) I'd suggest renting some clubs or going online (possibly cragislist) and purchase a Pitching Wedge, Driver and Putter for a cheap price. 


Whichever you decide, You'll be in good hands as long as you're 5'5 to 6'0. In the beginning phase, most juniors or individuals find theirself choking up or down on the grip of the club to find comfort. Unless you're very short and or in the NBA, I'd imagine you'll be just fine with a standard mens set and or club. Usually a local par 3 course or public course has rentals.


Go test out a few clubs there and see how you take to the game. Make sure you have fun in the process. Good luck out there! - JJ smiley

answered Jan 5, 2015 by James Jordan (600 points)