Track your Stats: (I've attached a one sheet you can print for stat tracking) 

     No matter how much time you spend on a specific area in your game (swing, short game, putting, shaping shots, block practice, random practice) it is of paramount importance to track your stats. Sure, certain stats can be misleading and aren't the end all, but understanding which areas are weaker in your current game gives us a clear portrait of what areas need improvement. 

   I can't tell you how many students and players constantly want to bring their swing, short game and putting problems to the lesson tee with no evidence of how it's truly tracked on the course. This doesn't mean, PLAY-PLAY-PLAY... It means track your practice rounds taking finite notes so that you and your instructor can specifically work on the weaker areas identified. Many times what you mention to us instructors isn't always your biggest scoring challenge in your total game. You would be surprised by bringing 2-3 rounds of tracked stats what your real dilemmas are. WE WANT TO MAKE YOU BETTER, so outside the communication part in what needs be better (VERBALLY), providing proof (HARD COPY) gives us a black and white solution to the matter. 

I've attached a maltby breakdown template you can print for your practice rounds. Many of my juniors and high school students are now using this template to bring the good's and bad's to the lesson tee. A few club players and pros as well. It's assisting us in fully developing the weaker areas of their game.  Get to work on this students and friends. 
There's much more to golf than just hitting it well (however when that's our goal we focus primarily on getting you to a better place swing wise) so understanding how we can clean up the card is a paramount part of "PLAYING THE GAME". 

Hope to see many of you put this into application and bring them to the lesson tee for our next session. I want you better in every single area possible. That's it. Nothing less. All the best - JJ ;) 

Highlight and paste the below url in your browser for a one sheet tracker!
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