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Apr 22, 2013

Monday 4-22-2013

   Well the weekend is wrapped up and I want to leave you all with a mighty gem. A drill to bring success in your sequencing and fluidity throughout your golf swing. Throughout the Dozen lessons I provided over the weekend, nothing was more useful than what I conveyed to students and now share below...
It's called... Legs First, Upper Body Second -
JJ Most of the time, many golfers are feeling a lack of distance and control believing its a swing plane, shaft or issue of being weak. Well sure. Some of those things can hinder ones maximum performance of distance and shot dispersion. Yet if one is not properly using their legs and creating the necessary lag, they shouldn't even begin to blame those other factors. Let's get an understanding of the legs and how they work in the downswing portion of the full swing. When taking the club head away, we hope you are making an effective pivot so the club head is in a good position at the top. Once you are at a half way point or close to 70% to your full position to the top, the legs begin the start of the downswing. This is the transition of (JUST BEFORE YOU GET TO THE TOP OF YOUR SWING) LEGS, SHOULDERS, ELBOWS THEN HANDS RELEASED THROUGH THE BACK OF THE BALL.
Most beginners and intermediate golfers tend to still start the swing with their upper body. This will always lead to inconsistent shots (thin, heavy, push, pull) and make consistency a difficult process. It also continues to make more players produce an over the top move. What To Do... Drill: What to work on so you can accumulate more legs into your golf swing. Try hitting shots at half speed feeling the legs start before the arms in your pivot reach the top. Don't start off making full swings in this process. Your body and mind aren't trained to position the transition correctly. In your take away, as soon as you get to the nine o'clock position start your legs driving toward your target. WORK ON THIS AT HALF SPEED! One thing to take note of, is to make sure you continue to stay back as your legs drive through. Many times in the beginning of this drill, golfers shift their entire body through the ball and still come over the top. Yes I want you to have your legs leading first, yet keeping your head down and back behind the ball through impact.
Take some time to work on this doing it at HALF SPEED and in time, you will see much more consistency in your ball striking - Enjoy - James Jordan.


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