Golfers: Using the Tee Box!

Posted by JJGOLF on May 12, 2015

Golfers: Using the Tee Box!

May 12, 2015

   Using the Tee Box: 

  Golfers: As much as we dive into swing specifics and short game work on the practice tee, I want to be more useful in assisting you with how to better your tee ball positioning. Many times I get students hitting driver exceptionally well, then expressing poor shots off the tee and or trust issues once it's time to pull the trigger. First off,  if there's a trust issue unnecessary movements usually take place in the performed shot. It can be a variety of things (Less legs, more arms, early release, too much force pulled, too shallow a plane, too steep a plane... e.t.c.) and the list can go on for days. Lets forget the list and remember that keeping up with your fluid practice swing and balance is the first place of business. 

 The best of the best are always staying fluid in good balance before they pick the line and shot they want to hit. So... Stay in that moment of rehearsal and don't get mentally side tracked! 


   Every golfer has a pattern (Push, Cut, Draw, Pull E.T.C.) Sometimes it's a mixed bag for the higher handicapper still learning his or her swing. But generally knowing your pattern is very important. Using it to your advantage is even more important. Here's why. 

ON THE TEE:  Part 1:

        Let's say you play a cut or slight push as a miss... If you have trouble on the left and tons of real estate to use the middle and right side of the specific hole, use it to your advantage. Same goes for if you draw or have a slight pull pattern. Set up on the left side and use the right to left side of the fairway allowing for more overall room. This goes a long way and I've had the privilege to monitor hundreds of playing lessons seeing smiles from the results! 


     Know your limitations. Know your strengths. If you cant carry a certain bunker or trouble, Lay up off the tee. If you feel you can fly it go for broke (you'll never know your capabilities if you don't test your potential with gutsy shots)... That being said, don't perform what you know you can't. 

     The Best players play away from trouble and can set aside EGO in laying up off the tee. The reachable par 4 that leaves you greenside (or a 25-50 yard shot) isn't always the smartest approach. There's nothing wrong with hitting a short iron or full wedge into a short par 4. In many cases those shots seem to favor the player from a fuller swing. The controlled shorter shots for the higher handicapper aren't worked on enough. However if you feel you have that shot n the bag, perform it! 

I hope to hear about your new awareness on using the tee box this Summer and in our lessons. The goal in golf is to use the course and situations to your advantage. Golf courses will give you good and bad breaks. The tee box is the one time you can tee it up, and utilize the forward view to your advantage! 

Hope to see you soon! Play Well! - James Jordan... 



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