"DO" so you can "MEET" your "GOALS". - JJ

   First off... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't tell you how big of a learning experience 2014 was for myself and the golfers I am so privileged to work with. No matter the level, each and every individual has a uniqueness that teaches me more about how to approach a similar student. So... Thank you for your time and dedication in bettering your overall golfing abilities. 

   You guys give me great reason and purpose to stay up till 2 in the morning (some nights) learning about this game, your game and golf in general... AGAIN... THANK YOU. 

  Let's kick off the New Year with something simple for every single level of player. I'll label it as "THE DO FACTOR". 
       Isn't it true, we all seem to set goals that are elusive (somewhat unrealistic) without a "DO FACTOR" in place? Most would agree. We say we want these things (Success, Better Golf Game, Lose Weight, Purchase a Home E.T.C.) but never really set up an action plan to meet such obtainable goals. This is why I offer you a "DO FACTOR"...

      This year, let's start off right and put a plan in place. Sure, if you need help with how to perform the shot, ingrain the movement and an affirmation to the alteration... SEE ME. I'm always primed in helping you with the particular shot. That's exciting for me! What's even more exciting is when you understand it, feel it and then a plan can be put in place from there on out. 

     So... Let's address the "DO FACTOR" 
      I hear it all the time... "I want to hit it longer", "Make More putts", "If only I could get up and down around the greens more often", "Learn to draw it", "Learn to hit a cut shot" The list goes on... Here's the "DO FACTOR"
   What are you willing to "DO" to meet those goals you've mentioned above? Well.. Here's a list I've created. Also what is fantastic about implementing this "DO FACTOR" into your 2015 goals, is that it becomes a new challenge. You simply can become the best in this area and realize with your buddies, on the range, in a tournament and as you rest at night... That this part of your game is on point! 

Next time you're faced with this moment and you execute,  look at your playing partner and fake dial a number in mid air expressing "I'm 1-800-Dialed in"!!! As you should be! Heck you've earned it... 

   Let's take a look at your areas of improvement. 
Better On The Greens:
1) 3 Foot Putts -  100 a day from here. 
2) 10 Foot Putts - 100 a day from here. 
3) From a Lag Putt distance, doing no more than 2 Putting - 100 putts outside 30/40 feet from here a day.
4) Learning to Putt, controlling distance from off the green (into the grain, specific grasses, down the grain) - 100 putts from off the green learning to judge green and the second grass cut. 

Whatever it takes. Become the best in one or all of these areas. Your overall putting performance will improve.
Better Around the Greens with a Variety of clubs:
1) Lob Shot - 100 a day to a specific flag. 
2) Pitch shot - 100 a day to a specific flag
3) Bump and Run (Using Gap, PW, 9-7iron) - 100 a day to a specific flag.

Whatever it takes. Become the best in one or all of these areas. Your overall wedge game will improve.
Better performance out of the Bunker:

1) Traditional Ball sitting up bunker shot - 100 a day to a specific hole location.
2) Fried Egg (when the ball is halfway plugged down into the sand) - 100 a day trying to make sure you get each one out of the sand to a landing location
3) Downhill Bunker shot: 100 a day to a specific hole location. 

Whatever it takes. Become the best in one or all of these areas. Your overall Bunker play will improve.
Better from 100 Yards and In:

1) 100 yards in - Specifically hit 100 shots a day (low, mid flight, high or simply your stock shot) to become comfortable in this yardage. Try a variety of wedges (PW/GAP/SAND) as you may surprise yourself to liking on over the other for a particular shot. 
Now allow me to generalize with the "DO FACTOR" in pattern changes. 
If you're trying to better your pivot, grip, clubface, path, hitting a draw, hitting a cut shot, gain more yardage off the tee, and the list goes on... 
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR... Work at these goals making the movement or change 50/100 times a day on the range /or at home  (at a comfortable speed which allows your brain and body to agree). If you want achieve these goals with whatever new change you're making, commit to that change as the goal at hand. By committing to these daily actions you will see much more success in meeting your long term goal. 
If you want to be the best at hitting a low shot out of the trees, flop shot, belly a wedge (using the leading edge of a wedge or iron to putt with, based on a second cut of grass hindering the take away with a putter blade), side hill lie shots, uphill shots, downhill approaches, performing a low stinger off the tee with a longer club for fairway positioning...
Make it a goal to be the absolute best in that department. If just for a year you could make one or two areas a strength by the "DO FACTOR" your scores will automatically lower. It's a combination of exposing your talent and creating confidence by comfort. 
  I wish you the best of success in your goals this year and hope to see you out grinding away in your game. Well... and having fun in the process!!! 

   Your teacher, coach and friend - James Jordan 

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